Best eCommerce platforms to sell your products

If you are selling items that are brand new or used, online selling is the best way to raise your business into a better place. From this, you can sell items both locally and internationally by being at home. But choosing a better platform to sell your items is a must as it affects your business. If you choose the wrong platform, that will damage your business.

So that let us get to know what online selling platforms are. Sites that allow individuals or companies to sell their items online are called online selling platforms.

So here are some of the top-selling platforms to sell your products.


Shopify Is a world-famous eCommerce platform that helps to make your online store with all the arrangements in a better way. You can arrange them according to your way. The company says that there is no need to experience designing or technology to create your online store.

As Shopify supports a wide range of credit cards, You do not have to pay extra attention to paying methods. Shopify has 256-bit SSL encryption and Level 1 PCI compliance for seller’s security. Therefore, you do not have to be afraid of the security of your customers and store data.

Shopify allows its users to manage their store’s mobile apps, observe and modify their store easily. As the businessman can handle the store anywhere from any device, Shopify is a good platform for business people who have to work on the go.

Magento commerce

Magento commerce is also the most used online platform in the world. Although this is a complicated platform, this has significant benefits. Due to the launching of Magento 2, this platform has taken to a higher level.

Benefits of using Magento

  • Versatile content management
  • Magento is mobile-friendly as the Magento user interface, and cart design responds to the mobile devices.
  • The stores in Magento have the opportunity to rank highly on search engines.
  • Magento handles about 80,000 orders per hour, and this platform allows sites with up to 500,000 products.
  • Magento allows your store to join with third modules or apps.
  • Customizable security permission.
  • Save time and money.

Although the basic version of Magento is free, the enterprise version costs about $20,000 annually.


3DCart is a secure and powerful software that served more than 22,000 online businesses. This company ranks higher and sells many products. This has more than 200 features and 50 free themes. 3DCart provides the latest SEO standards, mobile-ready themes, and marketing eCommerce tools to increase your store’s rate.

Features of 3DCart

  • It provides everything that needs to create a better eCommerce store.
  • As it contains hosting and domain names, there’s no need to add more eCommerce tools or services.
  • This platform is flexible for selling on other social media and channels.
  • Your store and customers’ data will be safe as it is secured with sitewide HTTPS, two-factor authentication, PCI Certification, and anti-fraud tools.
  • This platform handles traffic and supports all sized businesses.


You will be able to get products in a minute with this platform. BigCommerce provides a set of eCommerce tools with a variety of features. As this platform can be used by both B2B and B2C customers, it is easy to create different price lists and catalogs for different customer groups.


WooCommerce is not a stand-alone platform. This is a plugging extension made for the functioning of websites built with WordPress. It is easy to get started with this platform once you have started building your website. WooCommerce contains all the essential features of basic online stores.

Though it is easy to customize, WooCommerce is an ideal solution for not very famous brands. This works with many free themes available for the WordPress sites, and if the customer needs, they can also use WooCommerce friendly themes.

Sometimes this platform can be slow down as it cannot handle too many things in your stores, such as themes and your selling products.

So if you are widening your business, it is better to choose another platform, as the amount of traffic your store can handle is less when using the WooCommerce platform.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud handles large eCommerce businesses very easily. This is a cloud-based service. This has the best customer handling and order management system and, this platform creates multi-regional online stores.

This platform can be used by both B2B and B2C merchants.

Salesforce Commercial Cloud has the following features.

  • Order management
  • Commerce personalization with AI
  • Globalization solutions for international businesses
  • More solutions are categorized by business type, industry, needs, and role.

Because of its high price and complex technological requirements, Salesforce Commercial Cloud is not suitable for starters or small brands.


This platform is especially good for small businesses. From this platform, you can quickly create a new website. You can create your website more creatively using the Wix artificial design intelligence (ADI) tool or the drag and drop editor. ADI tool creates your eCommerce website automatically when you answered for few questions. After that creates your website, you can make changes to it.

In this platform, you can

  • Add many products as you wish
  • Sell on social media such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Take online bookings
  • Stream music and videos
  • Host events
  • Integrate more than 250 apps.

Here you can get additional functions such as

  • Product reviews
  • Add dropshipping capabilities
  • It can be sold on the online market place
  • Set up online recurring payments

Winding up…

Here, we firmly believe that the above information will help you choose the best platform to sell your products. If you are looking for additional consultation regarding online selling, feel free to contact me via

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